6 secrets of finding the best low cost flights

 There are several ways that you can use to get low cost charter flights. The most common method of doing this that everyone knows is by using the flight comparison sites because they can tell you what fares they are charging and at what time. The most common site that most people prefer using is the sky scanner. Knowing the tricks of the game is very important because it can enable you to get a low cost flight. Here are some of the 6 secrets of finding the best low cost flights.

  1. Book 7 weeks in advance

Booking a flight at the last minute is very expensive and therefore it is very important for you to ensure you book your flight in advance and this should be seven weeks prior. In the past it was easy to get a great flight deal when you book at the last minute and this is because most airlines were desperate and needed to fill the empty seats but today things have changed. Booking seven weeks in advance is the best deal for now.

  1. Sign for email alerts for best airlines

Signing for email alerts from the best airlines in the world is very important as this makes it easy for you to be updated on the current prices for the various flights. Ensure you visit the airlines that you know and sigh up for them so that you can be able to get their newsletters and be updated with their prices. This sighing will enable you to get a lot of information including flash sales, low fares more so on last minute flights, new routes and their introductory rates and many more.

  1. Go everywhere

It is good for you explore destinations so that you know which destination is best for you and which one is not. Most of us do not think of exploring destinations but this helps one to get the best bargain basement flights and more so for the private jet charter. The sky scanner has an ‘everywhere’ such function that will enable you to see the cheapest flights at that time and their rates

  1. Choose your credit card in a wise way

Credit cards are very key as they reward you with various points and these points can be redeemed. Having these cards enables you to cut the costs and therefore avoid expensive long haul flights. What you don’t know about the credit cards is that they are an extension of those who fly frequently because the more you fly the more the points you get.

  1. Buying a one way ticket

There are times when you purchase a return ticket with the same airline it is more expensive and that is why it is advisable to purchase two one way tickets and this should be done from different airlines.

  1. Try the 24-hour rule

Sky scanner gives you price alerts and this can enable you to cancel within 24 hours though not all airlines will give you full refund. If you find that the price of the empty leg flights that you were travelling in has dropped also ensure you cancel your original flight and do another booking using the new ones.